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Would you like a fun and unique way to celebrate a special occasion? Are you looking for a new way to enjoy dinner? Funtime Theater is exactly what you need. With over 150 years of combined experience, our talented actors and actresses perform one of our exciting murder mysteries and plays while you enjoy a delicious dinner. Interact and get to know the characters as you try to decide who the murderer is, or simply sit back and laugh at one of our hilarious comedies. We write skits and plays for your occasion, from children's shows to old-fashioned radio shows to TV programs. When you want an entertaining way to enjoy delicious food, visit Funtime Theater for one of our intriguing murder mysteries and dinners!

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3rd Saturday of Each Month

Lili's Restaurant And Bar At The Corner Of Kietzke Lane and Grove Street
In The Franktown Corners Shopping Center

$50 Price Includes Dinner & Show

Doors Open At 5:00 PM And A No Host Bar - 
Show Starts at 6:30 PM - 
With Dinner Service Starting At 7 PM

Ages 10 And Up Are Welcome To Attend

Special dinner rate for non-particiating children under 10

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Dinner Choices Should Be Available a Week To 10 Days Before Scheduled Show

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Feb 20, 2016

Basil Pesto Marinated Roasted Chicken Over Farfalle Pasta

Braciola Over Garlic Mashed Potato

Garlic Rubbed Tilapia Over Mushroom Risotto



Mar 19, 2016

Apr 16, 2016

May 21, 2016

Jun 18, 2016

Jul 16, 2016

Aug 20, 2016

Sep 17, 2016

Oct 15, 2016

Nov 19, 2016

Dec 17, 2016

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11-20 - Guests - $45

21 & Up - Guests - $40

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Join Us in 2016 For Our 14th Season

Making Comstock History Come Alive


Eventbrite - Virginia City Cemetery Tour

"Voices from the Past"

By Stephanie Perry

It's sunset, the time of day when visitors to the Virginia City Cemetery typically start clearing out for the night. But one evening last week, the fading sunlight fell on about a dozen people dressed in a mixture of turn-of-the-century and modern clothes. It was the dress rehearsal for Voices of the Past, a ghostly walking tour performed by Funtime Theater to raise funds for the cemetery's restoration.

Candace Wheeler, who works for the Comstock Cemetery Foundation, wrote the script, and the Funtime Theater actors make it a reality. Playing the "spirits" of prominent Virginia City residents buried in the cemetery, they talk about various aspects of everyday life in a mining town, from firefighting to medical care to the challenges women faced.

"You meet the caretaker and the widow at the gate, and they tell you about the cemetery and a little bit about life in Virginia City," explains Kathy Easly, who plays the Widow of the Silver Terrace. "Then you go through the cemetery and encounter the other actors." The widow and Thomas Wilson (played by Paul Dancer) are the tour guides. They lead guests to graves where actors wait, frozen, for their cues to come back to life to tell their stories.

Voices of the Past is a walking tour--emphasis on walking. The cemetery's uneven, sandy slopes could be difficult for some to navigate, and the tour moves along at a brisk pace. Fortunately, the actual tour takes place during the day; it might be a little less spooky than a nighttime visit. Still, it's a good idea to bring comfortable walking shoes--and a camera to capture the scenic views of Virginia City and the cemetery's old gravestones.

Dancer, breaking character for a moment, says the best part of being in the production is "playing the person I'm standing on top of." The actors have permission to stand, sit and walk around their characters' graves, and the effect can be convincing.

"It feels like I'm representing them and helping preserve their memories," says Dancer, who has been involved with the tour since its beginning. He recalls several occasions where a cemetery gate seemed to open itself. Dancer believes that this was a sign from the real Wilson, giving his seal of approval to the performance.

The production, now in its third year (13th Year in 2015), keeps things fresh by rotating the characters.

"We might take one person out and put one person in each season," Easly estimates. But she's not telling who the mystery guest is this year. The curious, she says, will have to come see for themselves.

The Comstock Cemetery Foundation, established in 2000 as a non-profit organization, collects donations to help protect and restore cemetery sites and old photographs of the cemeteries. It also aids in the return of items that have been removed from cemeteries. Judging from the yellow caution tape and run-down condition of some of the graves, the foundation has its work cut out; there's still plenty of restoration that needs to be done.

By the time the tour ends, twilight has fallen on the cemetery, and the actors head back to change into their 21st-century clothes. They'll be back this weekend to revive the past. A fresh and unconventional approach to local history, Voices From the Past is educational entertainment for a good cause.

Originally Published September 2005. Article and photo Reprinted with permission.

Kathy Easly (the Widow of the Silver Terrace), left, and Giann DeGeiso (Charlotte Magroom) help to recall a time long past on the Comstock.

Kathy Easly (the Widow of the Silver Terrace), left, and Giana DeGeiso (Charlotte Magroom) help to recall a time long past on the Comstock.
Photo By David Robert







24 & 25


1-2 & 8-9



10 AM & 1 PM


Tickets ON SALE NOW!

Adults $15

Children/Seniors $10



Eventbrite - Virginia City Cemetery Tour


The Silver Terrace Cemetery is Located at

381 Cemetery Road, Virginia City, Nevada 89440

behind the

Virginia City RV Park


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